4 Rock Ideas To Solve Drainage Issues With A Fun Twist

Posted on: 27 April 2020


Do you need to add small rocks to help with drainage in your yard? While you always have the option of simply laying down some attractive river rock and calling it a day, there are also many other, more creative paths to take. Want some ideas for your yard? Here are four suggestions for improving your drainage while maintaining your yard's aesthetics.

1. Dry Riverbed.

A dry river bed is a common solution for larger drainage issues because it puts river rock in its natural habitat—the bottom of a creek or stream. You can meander a dry river bed of beautiful rocks as long or as short as you need it to be without lessening the effect. Add greenery and small boulders to the sides of the river pattern to complement it with a planted riverbank of sorts.  

2. Faux Water.

Rocks come in all sorts of shapes and colors, so you can create just about any look you want with them. If you decide to build a dry river bed, why not emulate a real riverbed by using rocks in shades of blue, green, and gray to simulate water? If the rocks need some added color and you have the extra time, a coat of paint will create a vibrant blue stream of faux water.

3. Glow in the Dark.

Have some fun with your rocky bed by making the rocks themselves glow at night. Luminescent paint is easily available at most craft stores and is often invisible to the naked eye during the day. But at night, your collection of river rocks or small boulders will make a stunning display as they glow through the dark. Create designs for a nighttime show that can be changed as often as you want. 

4. Mini Landscape.

If your drainage problems are small and result in just a select area to be covered in rock, be creative by making your own mini landscape. Use smaller rocks and add other tiny features such as a bridge over the 'river', outdoor figurines, bonsai trees, dwarf bushes, and delicate flower choices. This is a chance to turn what could just be a boring section of hardscape into an eye-catching conversation starter.

Which of these unique ideas would make your yard really pop? No matter what style you choose—from a large faux cascade to a tiny world—your drainage problem could turn into your favorite feature of the landscape. For river rocks in your area, search for a local supplier like A & A Materials.