5 Tips To Help Choose The Best Finishes For Custom Home Exteriors That Are Efficient And Unique

Posted on: 6 May 2020


If you are trying to choose the right materials to finish the exterior of your custom home, there are a lot of modern choices. Some materials are more affordable, while others can be more durable, efficient, and attractive. Therefore, you want to know what to choose for the best custom finishes for your home. The following guide for custom home exteriors will help you choose the right materials for the design and energy needs of your home:

1. Using Modern Composite Moldings and Foam-Backed Vinyl For The Architectural Details

If you want to add custom molding details and siding to areas like gables and other architectural features, you want to use modern durable materials. First, you will want to consider using composites for the moldings, which are vinyl and plastics that are made for exterior finishes. For the siding details on the exterior of your home, foam-backed vinyl materials are some of the most durable and energy-efficient materials to use for these features.

2. How To Use Stone To Blend Custom Home Exteriors Into The Landscaping and Natural Terrain

Another option that you will want to consider for custom home exteriors is stone. The stone can be natural or synthetic materials and used for architectural details and finishes. This is a great way to blend the finishes of your home's exterior into the natural surroundings. In addition, stone hardscaping is an attractive solution to blend the landscaping design into the architectural finishes of custom homes.

3. Options To Add Frieze Details and Attractive Features Around Exterior Windows and Doors

Another option that you will want to consider adding details to the exterior of your home is attractive friezes around windows and doors. This is something that can be done with synthetic composite moldings, stone, stucco, or other masonry details. This is a great way to make custom windows stand out with unique custom details to integrate into the finishes surrounding the openings.

4. Choosing The Right Color Materials For The Brick Finishes On The Exterior Of Your Home

There are also many different choices for the colors that can be integrated into the exterior finishes of your home with brick. If you want a more classic design that stands out, traditional red clay bricks are ideal. Today, there are also options for bricks with more tans and greys, which can blend in well with natural or synthetic stone features on the exterior of your home.

5. The Best Modern Siding Materials To Use For Custom Home Exterior Finishes  

Lastly, you may be considering siding as an affordable material to use for the exterior finish of your custom home. Today, there are many choices, which include:

  • Natural cedar and other wood species
  • Fiber cement siding and veneers
  • Vinyl siding in various styles and with foam backing
  • Aluminum and other metal siding materials

These are some of the choices that you may want to consider for durable and affordable exterior finishes with custom siding installation.

These are some of the different choices that you have for the custom finishes on the exterior of your home. If you are looking for the right exterior finishes, contact custom home exterior services to choose the right materials for the design of your home.