Have Your Dock Builder Include These Seating Additions To Your Custom Dock

Posted on: 4 June 2020


One of the nice things about having a dock at the shore of your waterfront property is the ability to use this structure for a variety of activities. While your top priority for the dock might be using it to moor your boats, you may also enjoy fishing off it, swimming adjacent to it, and sunbathing on it. If you anticipate using the dock for a wide range of rest and relaxation activities, you'll want your custom dock builder to design the structure with a variety of seating additions. Here are some options that may be appealing to you.

Built-In Benches

While you can certainly take folding chairs down to the dock, this can be a little bit of a hassle at times. Instead, you might like the idea of a dock that has built-in seating. Many homeowners have decks with built-in benches, and you can certainly take the same approach with the design of your dock. One or more benches in strategic areas on the dock will provide plenty of space for sitting, whether you wish to sit while you fish or you want to take in the sunset with your family.

Hammock Posts

One of the most comfortable places to sit and lie down outside is on a hammock. It's common for people to suspend their hammocks between a pair of trees, but this obviously won't work on your dock. If you own a hammock and love the idea of using it on the dock, talk to your custom dock builder about adding a pair of posts that extend about the dock's surface. For example, a post on each side of the structure can be perfect for hanging a hammock. You'll also appreciate the multipurpose nature of the posts — you might have your builder add lights to them to brighten the dock at night, or you may choose to hang a life preserver on one of the posts.

Picnic Table

Some people choose to set up picnic tables on their docks, and this idea can certainly work well. It can be fun, however, to talk to your custom dock builder about a built-in picnic table on the structure. This is especially a good idea if you're choosing a larger dock — perhaps one that is shaped like an "L" — because you can devote a specific area of the dock to outdoor dining. An experienced builder can tackle these seating ideas and any other ideas that you may have.