Impact Window Replacement Guide To Help Prepare Your Home For Improvements

Posted on: 8 July 2020


In many areas, impact windows are essential to the design of homes. They help protect against storm damage and improve the efficiency of your home. Over time, these windows can wear out, become damaged, or be outdated. Therefore, it may be time for an impact window replacement. The following guide will help you prepare your home for impact windows and protect it from storms and energy loss.

Choosing the Style of Impact Windows — There are a lot of choices when it comes to window styles. When installing impact windows, you have some of the same choices of styles as standard windows, which include:

  • Casement and awning windows
  • Double and Single-Hung
  • Picture and architectural windows
  • Horizontal windows and sliding doors

These are the choices you have to choose from when it comes to the style of impact windows you have installed in your home. Choices of the style and manufacturer of the impact windows will affect the costs of your window replacement project.

Removing Existing Windows to Prepare for Replacements — If there are existing windows that need to be removed, you will want to do this during nice weather. Try to time the removal of old windows the same day or day before the installation of the impact window units. This will keep your home secure and ensure that it is not exposed during the window replacement project.

Repairing Damage and Painting Before Installation — There are probably also going to be repairs that need to be done. Repair the openings and paint before the replacement windows are installed. This will ensure you have less work to do after the installation of the impact windows and prevent damage to the new window units. It is also a good idea to caulk and paint the openings before the new units are installed. 

Installation of Impact Windows and Finishing Touches — The last step in the impact window project is to have the new units installed. Once the new windows have been installed, you will need to do a few finishing touches. Some of the work that needs to be done includes making sure that there is not scratched paint, caulking, and making sure that the windows are well-sealed and that there are not any air leaks.

These are the things that will need to be done to prepare your home for new impact windows. If you need to replace the old windows and doors in your home, contact an impact window replacement service or visit a website like to start planning the project.