Recommendations To Check Areas Of Your Roof And Maintain To Prevent Damage

Posted on: 30 July 2020


The condition of your home interior relies upon your roof greatly in order to stay watertight and protected from outside elements. Wind, rain, snow, and ice are constantly at work on your roof and will naturally seep into any crack and hole in your roof that is present. Here are some areas of your roof that will need your attention and some regular maintenance to keep your entire roof working as it is needed.

Maintain Roof Vents

On the surface of your roof should be some roofing vents, which help ventilate the air out from the attic space and underside of your roof. Without adequate ventilation, your roof can become susceptible to extreme temperatures and this can lead to interior and exterior roof damage. Dry rot within your roof's structure can occur when the space does not have adequate ventilation and a wood fungus begins to attack the wood.

Poor ventilation in the winter can lead to your roof being heated from the interior and allowing snow to melt then freeze along the edge of your roof. Although the appearance of icicles draping off your roof can be mesmerizing, it is a sign of ice formation and damage to your shingles.

Check your roof to make sure there is adequate ventilation, which can be measured in terms of the size of your attic. It is recommended that your roof needs at least one square foot of ventilation for each 300 square feet of attic floor space. Talk to your roofing professional to evaluate your home roof for ventilation and add more if it is needed.

Check Flashing and Skylights

Another important area on your roof includes the flashing and any skylights or other openings to your rooftop. Flashing and its condition should be intact and not loose, so check around vent openings, HVAC exhaust lines, and other exterior openings on your roof to make sure the flashing is not corroded and still present. 

You should also have your skylights inspected for their sealing condition to verify if any are broken and might be allowing in moisture. Your roofing professional can safely get on your roof to check these areas and will know exactly what to look for in terms of needed repairs. Often a small leak around the flashing or seal of a skylight can begin tiny and slowly cause damage to the inside of your attic space. This can lead to damage in the insulation, drywall, and other interior structures and furnishings.

Contact a roofing service to get the help you need.