Ways to Remodel Old and Unappealing Exterior Windows

Posted on: 13 August 2020


Sometimes homeowners are satisfied with where they live to the extent of not wanting to relocate even after decades have passed by. However, after a house gets old, it can lose a lot of appeal and value. For example, windows can last for numerous decades when they are of high quality, but they can lose energy efficiency and appeal without proper maintenance. If your windows are old and efficient but take away from the beauty of your house, it is possible to keep them and remodel the exterior. The exterior of home windows can be remodeled in several ways depending on their condition and the look that you want your home to have.

1. Repairing Damaged Casing Trim

Damaged casing trim around the windows is an issue for several reasons, and it should be repaired or replaced during the remodeling project. One reason is that damaged casing can have a big role in the exterior of your house looking unappealing. Casing trim is basically the parts of a window that is usually wooden and painted a specific color to add appeal to a house. However, when it is damaged, you must also keep in mind that it can affect the energy efficiency of your house. Damaged casing trim can make it easier for rainwater, insects, and other things to get through windows, such as through small cracks where the trim is missing or damaged.

2. Installing Window Shutters 

Another way to add appeal to your house when remodeling windows is to get shutters installed by a professional. Shutters will not only add beauty, but they can showcase the windows and make them look wider. There are various shutter shades and designs that you can choose for your windows. The quality of the shades should be considered as well, such as whether or not they can offer protection during natural disasters. For instance, there are shutters that are strong enough to provide a substantial amount of protection for windows against damage caused by tornadoes and hurricanes

3. Replacing Damaged Window Panes

If there are any cracks in your windows, get them repaired during the remodeling project. Cracked window panes can make the outside of your house look bad, and can also interfere with energy efficiency. You can simply replace the damaged panes rather than buying all new windows. A professional can easily remove and replace damaged panes without causing any damaged to the ones nearby.

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