2 Mistakes To Avoid When Using Your Kitchen's New Wooden Countertops

Posted on: 3 September 2020


If you have recently had your kitchen remodeled, you may have decided to have the contractor install wooden countertops to add to the beauty and warm ambiance of the space. However, since their material is different than that which you used in the past, you may be wondering if there is anything you should or should not do while taking care of it. If so, make sure that you avoid the following mistakes when using and caring for your kitchen's new wooden countertops.

1.  Using Your Counter as a Cutting Board or Trivet 

One mistake you should avoid when using your new wood countertops is using them in place of cutting board or trivet. Since you may have had wooden cutting boards in the past, you may believe that you can simply chop up foods directly on the surface.

However, even if you have chosen a hardwood such as walnut, using a knife directly on the counter will leave cuts on the surface. This then creates openings for water to degrade the wood and germs to grow inside the cuts.

As far as using the counters as a trivet, do not place pans directly on the wood. This will burn the surface, leaving scorch marks that will mar the wood's beauty.

Also, do not use a kitchen towel as a hot pad. The heat and moisture from the pan will make its way through, causing the towel to stick to the surface and potentially damage it. Instead, use a metal trivet or hot pad.

2.  Neglecting to Regularly Apply Oil to the Wood

Another mistake to avoid when taking care of your new countertops is neglecting to apply oil to the wood regularly. Even if there is a clear finish on the surface, the wood still needs moisture to maintain its appearance and integrity.

If you neglect to apply oil, the wood will eventually dry out. Once this happens, the fibers of the wood may start to crack, and the surface may splinter. The oil penetrates the wood to keep it supple so that the cracking and splintering is less likely to happen.

Avoiding the above mistakes and being diligent in caring for your kitchen counters can help keep them lustrous looking and functional for a longer period of time. Speak with the contractor who installed your wood countertops if you have any further questions about how to treat and care for them.

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