Adding An Outdoor Court To Your Yard

Posted on: 10 September 2020


An outdoor court can be an excellent investment to make in your property if you are athletically inclined. These courts can allow you to enjoy some of your favorite types of sports without the need to use crowded public courts or parks. While adding one of these courts can seem like it will be little more than paving a section of the property, there is far more that will need to go into this upgrade.

Consider Whether The Court Needs To Be Multifunctional

Knowing how you are going to be using the court is an important factor to know when you are designing this upgrade. For example, some households may have individuals that enjoy playing tennis while others may prefer basketball. It can be possible to design an outdoor court that is capable of meeting both of these needs. In addition to the size of the court, this will also impact the markings that are placed on it. For this reason, it is best to thoroughly consider these needs when first installing the court as retrofitting it to support an additional type of sporting activity can be more difficult than individuals may first suspect. As a result, it will be both easier and more cost-effective to avoid the need to make major changes to the court once it has been installed.

Ensure The Court Has Good Drainage

When individuals are considering the needs of their court, they may fail to consider the need for the court to have sound drainage. This can allow for enough water to pool on the court to prevent you from being able to use it for long periods of time after it rains. Additionally, these puddles can be damaging to the court as they can cause it to crack. When preparing the designs for your court, you may want to ensure that they include features that are able to protect it from being damaged. These features can include the center of the court being slightly raised to encourage water to run off, the installation of drains, and even putting a cover over the court to limit the ability of rain to land on the court.

Have The Court Professionally Finished

Finishing your court is the process that will change it from a simple paved surfaced to a court that is ready for your particular sport. Hiring professionals to finish the court is one option for ensuring that this process is done correctly. In particular, these professionals can ensure that any boundary markings are correct, the installation of shock-absorbing surfaces are completed, and that the court is sealed against common types of moisture damage.

For more information, contact an outdoor court installation service in your area.