3 Good Reasons To Trust A Pro For Roof Replacement For Your Off-Grid Home

Posted on: 15 September 2020


Your off-grid home is likely your livelihood, but just like any other home, some components may have to be replaced at some point. The roof is a prime example. Here are a couple of good reasons to trust a professional for roof replacement. 

You may have special features that have to be worked around. 

Off-grid homes are a bit more likely to have special or unique features that are mounted on the roof. For instance, you may have a full solar system with panels attached to the top of the roof. Or, you may have a water collection system that utilizes the gutter system and rain runoff from the roof. Obviously, you do not want anything to happen to these expensive elements, and their presence can mean the process of replacing your existing roof is a bit more complicated. You want a professional who understands your unique needs as a homeowner and how to implement materials that will complement the necessary implements you have in place on your roof. 

Your home may have special requirements due to the location. 

It is not uncommon for an off-grid home to be situated in a hard-to-access location. If you do decide you will handle roof replacement on your own, it will mean making trips to town to get the materials you need and then trying to find a logical way to get those materials to your home. You may have needed help with some type of heavy equipment when you built the home initially just because of the terrain. Therefore, you may also face the same issues when you bring in roofing materials. For instance, thousands of pounds of shingles can be hard to haul on an ordinary vehicle when traveling on difficult terrain. When you bring in the pros for help, they have the equipment necessary for seamless material delivery. 

You may need advice on the best materials to use. 

Generally, homeowners have an idea of what kind of roofing materials their home should have. However, when your home is in an off-grid location, it can be incredibly helpful to have a pro to help guide you about the materials that would work out best for your situation. For example, since you are in a harder-to-reach location, you may need a roof that does a better job of withstanding storms or fallen branches. A professional can help guide you to the best material options for the setting and the specific threats that may be in your area.

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