What Are Some Of The Jobs That Civil Excavation Services Do So That Road Work Can Be Performed?

Posted on: 21 September 2020


In many cases, before various types of work can be done, an excavation service has to come out to perform pre-work so that they can get the site ready. This is even true when road work needs to be done. Of course, the types of excavation work that will have to be done before a road can be installed or changed will depend on the land where the road is being built. These are a few examples of the main types of work that civil excavation services typically perform when preparing an area for road work that needs to be done.

Removing Trees

In many cases, there are trees standing in the way of road work projects that need to be done. Of course, these trees need to be removed so that the roads can be installed, and when the job is being done, it has to be done the right way. After all, it's important to properly remove the trees, stumps, and roots before any roads can be put in. Additionally, it's important to make sure that the job is done safely since tree removal work can be very dangerous. Depending on the size and types of trees that might be in the way, it might be necessary to hire a tree service. However, in many cases, excavation services are able to handle the tree removal that needs to be done, or they might have tree removal contractors that they will work with while they're working on other excavation work for the project.

Clearing Rock

In some areas, there is a lot of rock present. If there are stones and rocks in the way of building a road or bridge, then an excavation company should be able to help. Typically, these companies have the right equipment for blasting or otherwise removing rock so that other things can be done in the area, such as the installation of new roads. This can be dangerous and difficult work, but a good civil excavation service can typically handle it without any issues.

Flattening Land

Once all of the obstacles are out of the way, it is time to get focused on preparing the land for the roads that are going to be installed. One of the last jobs that a civil excavating service might help with right before roads are built is flattening and smoothing out the land. Then, once their job is finished, it will typically be time for the next crew of professionals to begin working so that they can begin installing the new roads.

For more information about civil excavation, reach out to a construction company.