3 Methods Of Sheet Metal Bending

Posted on: 20 December 2021


If you are looking into expanding the services that you offer, you might want to start including sheet metal bending. Sheet metal comes in the obvious sheet form and it is sturdy. However, there is enough flexibility to bend the metal so it can be used in a variety of applications. Learn some more about the basics of sheet metal bending by checking out three of the methods used, such as the following:


This is a common method of bending sheet metal. This allows for the sheet metal to go around sharp corners. There are a couple of different ways in which this can be done. A V punch is commonly used. The sheet metal will be placed over a V die. This is a base that has its center cut into a V shape, which is where the metal will be pushed into. A V punch, which is a punch with a tip in the of a V, pushes into the sheet metal. The sheet metal falls into the V die and with the pressure of the punch, the metal is bent into the desired V shape.


This is another common method used for sheet metal bending. The difference is that instead of a V die and a V punch, the punch is in the shape of a U and the die is generally a squared-off area. The U punch pushes the metal into the die and the U shape is made as the metal is wrapped in the shape of the punch itself.

Rotary Bending

With the other methods of bending, there can be some surface scratches on the sheet metal. This does not usually occur when the rotary bending method is used. It is a great method for bending sheet metal in angles that are more than 90 degrees. A saddle and rotary wheel pushes the metal along, down, and over in order to bend the metal.

As you can see, there are different applications that can be used for the process of bending sheet metal. You will need to review the type of bending you are going to need for your production business and then get the appropriate systems put in place. Then again, you might want to simply set up an area where you can make use of several different methods for bending the sheet metal. This will allow your business to be ready for just about everything.