Recommendations To Select The Best Gutter System For Your Home

Posted on: 5 January 2022


Your home's exterior drainage is only as good as the roof and gutter system that are installed. When the gutters around your home are seamless and adequate to handle leaves and rainfall, they are going to work well as your home's full drainage system. Here are some recommendations to help you choose the right gutters for your home's roof for the optimal protection.

Evaluate Your Roof Needs 

To evaluate your roof's drainage condition, look at the system that you have in place on your roof's edges and how well it performs. A poor existing gutter system that is not complete or not adequate to collect all the rainfall that accumulates on your roof is going to cause saturation of the soil around your foundation and erosion of the landscaping. Eventually this can lead to basement foundation leaks and moisture damage.

Look at the amount of rainfall you get, the slope and size of your roof, and the amount of gutters already installed on your home. If you only have gutters on the front side of your home, the back will have rainfall pouring directly onto the soil. Or if your gutters are not wide enough and the downspouts are too small to accommodate all the water that flows from your roof, you should look at increasing your gutter's capacity or the length of the gutters.

Consider Different Types of Gutters

One of the most important elements of your gutters is how well they are going to hold up under weather conditions and aging from the sun. Seams located throughout your gutter system are going to pose potential leaking points where your gutter will drip water where you don't want it to go. And eventually these seams will break down and require repairs. 

A seamless gutter is a great option because it eliminates these connection points where the seams can degrade. In addition to seamless gutters, you can opt for one that is held up along your roof's edge in a sturdy manner so they don't sag, and you can choose gutters that prevent the buildup of leaves. If you have trees in your yard, you should consider a leaf trap over your gutters or arrange for regular cleaning several times each year. This will prevent clogs in your gutter system, which will cause a gutter to fail no matter the capacity, material, and design.

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