2 Questions To Ask The Contractor When Having A New AC System Installed In Your Home

Posted on: 6 April 2022


If your home's current air conditioner is no longer keeping your home cool enough for you and your family, you may have decided that it is time to have a new one installed. Even if you have already picked out the system that you wish to have, you will need to go through a contractor to have it installed. After verifying that the model you wish to have installed is the right one for your home, you may have other questions about the installation process. Below are a couple of questions that you can ask the contractor to gather more information about having the new AC system installed.

1.  Is Your Home's Existing Ductwork Appropriate for Use With the New System?

One question that you can ask the installer has to do with your home's existing ductwork. Are the ducts large enough and are they compatible with the new system? If they can be used, do they need to be repaired or resealed? If the ducts are not compatible with the new AC unit, the contractor may need to either replace or restructure them. Even if they are acceptable for use, check to see if resealing or repairing them will be required to decrease escaped air and to help maintain the system's overall efficiency.

2.  Does the Contractor Offer Third-Party Verification for the Installation Job?

Another question you may want to ask the contractor has to do with having a third party verify that the installation job was done correctly. Do they have a source for the verifier, or do you need to contact someone yourself? Having third-party verification does not just give you a fresh set of eyes to ensure that the system was installed and running as it should. There may be local ordinances and building codes that require this part of the process, so knowing beforehand whether you need to have it done yourself can help you plan for it.

Asking the above questions either before or during the installation of your new AC system can help you know whether additional work will need to be done to the ductwork so that the AC unit will work efficiently. Also, knowing about third-party verification of the job helps you to not only have peace of mind that the installation was done correctly but also helps you stay in compliance with any possible local ordinances and codes. For more information, contact an AC service, such as Countryside.