Protecting Your Property With A Seawall

Posted on: 23 May 2022


For those that live near bodies of water, constructing a seawall can often be a practical upgrade to make to the property. Yet, those that are new to owning waterfront property will often neglect to fully appreciate the benefits that a seawall will be able to provide.

Seawalls Can Provide Protection Against Erosion And Flooding

Erosion and flooding are two problems that can be a major threat for properties that are located along the coast of bodies of water. If these factors are not properly mitigated, the property could be more likely to experience catastrophic damage from flooding, and the size of the property may actually shrink due to the water eroding the land. A seawall is able to greatly mitigate these risks by reinforcing and protecting the property against these hazards. To be effective, the seawall will need to be custom designed to the specific needs of the property so that it will be able to minimize erosion and reduce the risk of rising waters flooding the property.

Seawalls Can Be Constructed From A Variety Of Materials

While concrete is a popular option for retaining seawalls, individuals will actually have a variety of options that they can choose. One example of this type of option could be the use of wooden poles that are inserted into the ground. This can provide much of the benefit of a seawall while also providing a more pleasing aesthetic. Natural stone is another common material to use in retaining walls. Fortunately, many contractors that provide retaining wall construction can provide their clients with samples of the options that they will be able to choose for their property so their clients can make a more informed choice about the type of seawall that will provide their property with effective protection and an attractive aesthetic.

Seawalls Need Routine Maintenance To Remain In Good Condition

A seawall will be exposed to intense conditions that can contribute to major wear and tear occurring. If these structures are not properly maintained, they could rapidly start to degrade, which could lead to them providing far less effective protection for the property. For example, these structures should be regularly inspected for signs of extensive cracking occurring. If this type of cracking occurs, repairs will need to be completed as promptly as possible. Otherwise, the cracks could grow larger due to the force of the water and the waves. This could eventually result in sections of the seawall failing.

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