Tower Cranes Are A Necessary Construction Tool

Posted on: 18 July 2022


Without tower cranes, tall buildings and skyscrapers wouldn't be able to be built. It would be too hard to get all the materials that need to be used to make those buildings up to higher levels. Tower cranes come in a few different styles. 

Tower Cranes

These cranes have a metal mast that will be assembled at the job site. The masts often have a range of heights that they use. That height would be adjusted by putting in or taking out mast sections. The cab of the crane sits on top of the mast. The jib reaches out from the cab's level. The jib is the part of the crane that does all the lifting. The actions that the job can do depends on what style the crane is. These are the tallest and strongest cranes in use and can pick up many tons a day. 

Self-Erecting Cranes

These tower cranes are placed on the side of the building being worked on, and they will build themselves. The cranes have hydraulic jacks that they can use to boost themselves higher and anchor themselves in new spots in the building as the buildings get higher. An SETC is usually used when the buildings are close together, making them suitable for use on skyscrapers that are already erected or mostly erected. 

Hammerhead Cranes

These cranes look like a giant L that has been flipped over. That is what gives them their other name of a flat top crane. The bar of the L is made up of the jib. On these cranes, the jib can spin around the mast, which makes it very easy for the crane to get to where it needs to be to pick up or drop off the load. The jib is fixed at the level where it is placed when the crane is installed. The hammerhead crane does one thing that no other tower cranes can, and that's a maneuver called racking. The trolley that runs along the length of the jib can lift a load and raise it to a particular height, and then the trolley can move along the job with the crate at that set height. 

Tower cranes are necessary to ensure that tall buildings and skyscrapers that make up the modern cityscape can be built and kept in good repair. Without these cranes, the buildings would be much shorter because it would take too much work and energy to get the materials where they needed to be for the added height. 

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