How To Remodel A Small Space On A Strict Schedule

Posted on: 13 September 2022


One of the most daunting problems facing small home remodeling projects is that there are so many things to consider. Information overload can be a very serious problem when you're trying to get a grasp on how to remodel a small space. When you're trying to remodel a small space, the last thing you want is more work. Keep reading for more tips to help you save time and money while still giving your home the look it deserves. 

Create a Floor Plan of the House

You need to create a floor plan for the house first. You can use graph paper or draw it out yourself. It doesn't matter how fancy it looks, but it does need to be accurate so that you don't end up buying too much material or having too little room for your furniture. You also want to keep paint colors in mind at this point, as well as lighting fixtures, mirrors, and window treatments.

Select Furniture That Serves Dual Purposes

Remodeling a small space can be a tricky feat, but it can also be done in style and on a tight schedule. When you are remodeling, consider furniture that serves dual purposes. For example, instead of buying a separate sofa and chair, choose a sectional with extra storage space underneath its cushions. You'll get seating for multiple people, along with room for storage—all in one piece of furniture.

Another option is to opt for a futon sofa with an accompanying loveseat that converts into a bed. This can provide you with extra sleeping space when needed, as well as additional seating when guests come over. It's also an easy way to make use of every corner of your living room or den without sacrificing comfort or style. Some of these features can even be built-in when you are remodeling your small home. 

Use Space-Saving Solutions For All Your Storage Needs

One of the best ways to maximize the use of your small space is by using space-saving solutions. One example is a Murphy bed. These are beds that fold into wall cabinets when they are not in use, which allows them to take up less floor space than traditional beds do when they are being used. Murphy beds can be found in many different sizes and styles.

Another great way to save space is by installing a closet organizer system. These systems allow for easy access storage for all kinds of items, including clothes, shoes, purses, and other accessories, as well as tools.

Choose Colors and Lighting That Make The Room Look Larger

Lighter colors are better for a small room because they make it appear larger than darker shades. Light colors also reflect light from the sun or lamps, making the room feel brighter. If your ceiling is high enough, consider painting it white or another light color to reflect more light from the sun or artificial light sources.

If you want to create an even bigger illusion of size, use multiple lights in different spots around the room. You can also install pendant lights over other tables in the space. Use track lighting on a low-hanging fixture over a counter or kitchen island so you can see into all corners of the space without having to stand up straight.

You can make your small space look bigger and more inviting by using these tips. Contact a small home remodeling service, such as Rickard Custom Home Remodeling, for help with making over your home.