How Bad Does A Roof Need To Be For Replacement?

Posted on: 27 September 2022


The idea of doing a roof replacement might sound a bit drastic. However, roof replacement services are common, and there are plenty of good reasons why you might need to replace a home's roof. If you're wondering how bad a roof needs to be before you should replace it, here are four reasons you should choose a replacement.


Reroofing is the typical alternative to replacing a roof. When you reroof a house, you simply place new shingles over the existing ones.

This approach will usually work for at least three layers with asphalt singles. It can be problematic with other materials. A roof with wood- or rock-based materials like cedar shakes or slate won't lend itself to that approach. If your home has one of those types of materials, you will need replacement services every time you need a new surface on the roof.


One of the main reasons to replace a house's roof is that its condition has become too poor. The most extreme problem would be saddlebacks or open holes. A saddleback is a spot where the underlying wood has softened so much that the shingles are starting to dip because there's nothing solid under them. Notably, an open hole might be repairable if the hole is small or the materials are relatively new, but there are times when roof replacement will probably be the best option.

The condition of the shingles also matters. You don't want to nail a new layer of shingles into an existing one that's already falling apart or missing many pieces.


Especially in northern regions that get heavy snow loads, the number of layers is a key factor. Whenever you add a new layer to a roof, you're also adding hundreds or even thousands of pounds to the structural load of the house. Throw snow on top of 5 layers of shingles, and pretty soon you're testing the survivability of the buildings.

Contractors are familiar with roofs in your area and the weather they can handle. They can tell you how many layers a roof can handle before replacement is the only choice.


Whenever you buy a house, you might not know how long it has been since anyone has replaced the shingles. Consequently, roof replacement may be ideal to cancel some of the uncertainty you feel. Stripping the roof down to the plywood will give a contractor a better look at its condition so they can fix problems early. When the job is done, your house will have a fresh roof that you can trust.

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