Keys To Hiring Professional Riggers For A Crane

Posted on: 11 October 2022


Renting a crane for your work site might be necessary in order to lift heavy materials like structural beams or entire structures. Before you get to use it though, it has to be properly rigged. If you plan on hiring a professional company for this task, make sure you use these tips.

Make Sure They're Familiar With Your Specific Crane

The particular crane that's on your work site needs to be a huge focal point for how it's ultimately rigged. As such, make sure you find a rigging crew familiar with this exact crane already because that's going to lead to stress-free rigging services.

The rigging experts will already know what equipment is compatible with the crane and how to get it in place in a compliant manner before any material lifting commences. This relevant experience also helps out in ensuring rigging gets completed in an efficient manner, so you can begin using a crane for a particular operation in no time.

Review Their Verbal and Hand Signal Communication Abilities 

Whenever a crane is rigged, a lot of different forms of communication are involved. They include verbal and hand signal communication. You need to make sure you hire a rigging company that has these methods of communication down because it's going to fast-track rigging and also keep it safe the entire time for the crew involved.

You can assess these communication abilities by reviewing past rigging jobs a company has completed and reading through testimonials from clients. If you mostly see that rigging was completed on time with minimal mistakes, these are signs the rigging company communicates properly on a consistent basis.

Ask About Their Approach to Managing Hoist Lift Solutions 

Hoists are a staple component for cranes because they can help you support large materials in a controlled and safe manner. That being said, these hoist systems have to be set up on cranes appropriately in order to keep heavy lifting operations from experiencing major issues.

As such, take your time seeing how skilled different rigging companies are with managing hoist lift solutions. Ask about their specific practices so that you can see how your crane will be supported. If the details are thorough and sound like they'll lead to ample control, then you can move forward with that rigging company.

If you need assistance setting up a crane before using it around a work site, you have a lot of rigging companies to work with. You'll find the perfect match if you verify skills and capabilities that are relevant to your crane-related operations. 

For more information about rigging services, contact a local company.