3 Ways To Boost The Style Of Your Patio Cover

Posted on: 22 December 2022


Patios can enhance your outdoor living space. Having a patio cover can make this outdoor area even more comfortable to hang out in, regardless of the weather.

Your patio cover doesn't have to look like all the other covers in your neighborhood. There are some simple things that you can do to boost the style of your patio cover and make this accessory a more memorable addition to your home.

1. Mix and Match Colors

If you want to install a patio cover made from wood (like a trellis or pergola), then you can easily amp up the style factor by mixing and matching colors.

Using a variety of stains on the wood elements of your patio cover can create a more modern and contemporary vibe. Stains help bring out the wood grain in your patio cover, so be sure to select coordinating stains that will work well with the type of wood you have selected.

If you are looking for a pop of color in your backyard, you can always mix outdoor paints and wood stains. Having some parts of your patio cover painted while others are stained can create an aesthetically pleasing contrast.

2. Use Contrasting Hardware

In the past, homeowners wanted to hide the appearance of the hardware used to construct their patio covers. If you want to boost the style of your own patio cover, you should try highlighting the hardware instead.

Select hardware in a color that will stand out when paired with your patio cover. For example, if you have a patio cover that is painted white, install black hardware.

Using contrasting hardware allows you to transform your patio cover into a style statement piece.

3. Install Louvers

There will be times when you want to enjoy full sunlight while sitting on your patio, and there will be times when you prefer a bit of shade. When you make the choice to install a louvered patio cover, you will have the option of enjoying both sun and shade on your patio.

Louvered patio covers offer an adjustable amount of coverage. This lets you be in control of the amount of light and airflow moving through your patio space.

Louvers are sleek and elegant, so they can easily upgrade the appearance of your patio and make the space more stylish.

Boost the style factor of your patio cover to improve the overall aesthetic of your outdoor living space.