Three Places To Try A Black Accent Wall

Posted on: 3 February 2023


When you hire a local interior painting contractor and are discussing one or more painting projects around your home, it can be fun to discuss some ideas related to accent walls. A lot of people enjoy having an accent wall in certain rooms. By painting one wall a different color, you end up with a lot of visual interest in this space. There are all sorts of colors that can be suitable for accent walls, including black. While you might be reluctant to have your painting contractor paint an entire room black, you might enjoy using this hue as an accent wall. Here are three places to try a black accent wall.

TV Room

Think about how a black accent wall might look in the room in which you want your TV. Specifically, consider having your painter paint the wall that the TV hangs on. Having a black wall surround the TV can help the screen to stand out more—and may even give the room somewhat of a movie theater vibe. When you're watching TV with the lights in the room dimmed or turned off entirely, having a black wall around the screen can create a unique look that you don't get with a light-colored wall.


There are all sorts of different ways to paint the walls in a bedroom. While many people favor light colors in this space, darker hues can also create a stylish look. If you're thinking about a black accent wall, it may be a favorable choice on the wall at the head of your bed. The look of your bed and other bedroom furniture will partially dictate if this is an idea you may want. For example, if you have light-colored furniture, having a black accent wall can create a stylish contrast. A black accent wall above and behind a white bed, perhaps with a gray headboard to span the gap between the two colors, can work well.

Home Office

Another room in which you may want to consider a black accent wall is your home office. While painting every wall black in this room might make the space feel too dark, choosing one wall can add style. Think about how you use each wall. For example, if you have a number of professional certificates that you wish to hang on one wall, choosing white frames and frame mats and then hanging the frames on the black accent wall can create a striking look.

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