Repairing Your Home's Compromised Foundation

Posted on: 17 March 2023


Your home's structural stability depends on a solid foundation. Unfortunately, foundation issues can be caused by many factors, including soil conditions, poor construction, or age. Regardless of the cause, foundation problems require prompt attention to prevent further damage.

Foundation Contractors Can Complete A Comprehensive Assessment

If you suspect that you have foundation issues, the first step is to have your foundation inspected by a professional. The inspection and evaluation process typically involves an on-site visit by a foundation repair expert. They will use specialized tools and techniques to assess the damage and identify the appropriate repair options. During the inspection, the foundation repair expert will evaluate the entire area for common issues and damage. They may also take soil samples to determine the soil's condition and how it affects the foundation.

There Are Several Foundation Repair Options

There are multiple foundation repair methods, and the option that is best for your situation depends on the damage's cause and extent. A foundation repair expert can help you choose the most appropriate method for your needs.

Slab jacking is a common repair option for sagging concrete foundations. It involves injecting a mixture of grout and other materials beneath the foundation to lift and level it. Another method is pier and beam, which consists of installing support structures under the foundation to raise it and provide additional support.

Know What Expect During The Repair Process

The exact repair steps will vary depending on the needs of your home. However, it is common for extensive excavation to be done around the base of the house. In addition to revealing the damaged portion for repairs, this can also let the contractor assess the foundation for further damage.

During the repair process, it is important to remember that your daily routine may be impacted. The excavation and repair work can be noisy and may disrupt your normal activities. However, a reputable foundation repair contractor will do their best to minimize the impact on your daily routine and keep the repairs short.

Maintain The Repaired Concrete Foundation

After the repair process is complete, it is necessary to maintain your foundation to prevent future damage. This may involve regular inspections to identify any new issues and taking steps to minimize the impact of soil issues that can affect your foundation.

Your foundation repair contractor will provide you with specific recommendations for post-repair maintenance. Enhancing the drainage around the home and sealing the basement are two examples of this type of maintenance. For more information on foundations, contact a company near you.