Residential Applications Of Land Surveys

Posted on: 23 September 2020


If you own a residential property, there will be times when a land survey is required. This process determines three-dimensional positions of points and it can be used to help you as a property owner in the following ways.

Handle Disputes With Nearby Neighbors

You've probably seen movies and television shows that involve disputes between two neighbors. One may wish to build something, but the other thinks they're encroaching upon their property. If you've found yourself dealing with this situation, a land survey can help out a lot.

Whether you're building something or the neighbor is looking to renovate their property, the land survey can show exactly where the property boundary lines are. Then both you and the other neighbor can get on the same page because there won't be any room for guessing. Concrete boundary lines show exactly where building or renovation can begin.

Assist With Real Estate Acquisitions

Buying residential real estate is an exciting process, but it's also filled with a lot of important decisions. One of these is determining how big a property's space and lot are. You'll know the exact dimensions of these aspects if you have a land survey conducted by a licensed company.

Thanks to their specialized services, you'll see what the boundary lines are for a potential real estate investment. You'll have a complete picture of the space and know exactly what you're getting based on the land and property's listing price. That can help facilitate this sort of real estate transaction.

Find Out About Regulations

When it comes to building things around your property, there are regulations you have to observe. If you are unaware of these regulations, then you could face hefty penalties and then have to deal with this financial stress. A land survey can actually help you avoid these penalties, because it will provide insights on current regulations in place.

A land surveyor can come out and assess your property, and the things you plan on doing to it. If it's against code, the surveyor can let you know immediately and that prevents you from making a costly mistake.

Land surveys are necessary for determining the location and boundaries of a property. Having access to this type of information can benefit you as a residential property owner or buyer. Whether you're looking to see where you can build or what you're investing in with a property, a land survey will prove worthwhile.

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